13.Padunnu Nammal

Lyricist:Babu Kodamvelil
Composed By:Santhosh George Joseph
Singers:Riya Elsa Johnson, Smitha Merin Thomas, Biji Saji, Juby Shibu, Jeevan K Babu, Dipin Thengumpallil, Akash Philip Mathew, Babu Kodamvelil and Santhosh George

About The Song

Padunnu Nammal

'We shall sing the songs of/ for change together' is the chorus penned by Babu Kodamvelil and composed by Santhosh George which definitely became the heartbeat of the youngsters who were passionately engaged with the Student Christian Movement in Kerala since the 90s. The song, in a way, was one among those which gave a clarion call to work with the 'othered' identities and be in solidarity with the struggle (struggles) of social justice across the world.

The song opens with some of the pertinent questions of existential crisis of the youngsters of that generation. The lyrics reflected the questions which emerged from the ground realities. The music of this song was also a marked departure from most of the songs written during that period in SCM due to its fast-paced rhythm and  folk based tune. When a group of SCMers sang this song in one of the fishworker's struggles led by Kerala Swathanthra Matsya Thozhilali Federation, the fishworkers asked them to include their struggle too into it. Thus, one views this song as a work in progress. This might be one among the songs of 'Padaamonnai' which has travelled across India among the struggling communities by narrating the meaning of the song in their respective languages yet have sung in the original form.

In the early 2000s, there were re-readings too regarding the meaning of this song. It was pointed out that the song has been originally written from the realms of a 'saviour complex syndrome'. These discussions also happened in the background of the emerging discourses of identity politics and subaltern movements across India and the world too.

Nonetheless, the heart of this song lies in its conviction and commitment to engage with the struggles for social justice and for a meaningful existence of humanity in this world, here on earth. It was with this passion that many who travelled along with the Student Christian Movement did make efforts to be with the people's struggle in India envisioning a dream of New Heaven and Earth. Personally, this has (has) been one of the (many) songs which has challenged my formations and outlook towards 'Choosing Life'.

Anil Tharayath Varghese

Lyricist:Babu Kodamvelil
Composed By:Santhosh George Joseph
Singers:Riya Elsa Johnson, Smitha Merin Thomas, Biji Saji, Juby Shibu, Jeevan K Babu, Dipin Thengumpallil, Akash Philip Mathew, Babu Kodamvelil and Santhosh George
Music Programming: Akash Philip Mathew
Studio: Pattupetti Studio, Chengannur
Camera: Joel Jogy & Anto Santhosh
Visual concept, Video editing and colour grading: Jeevan K Babu


About The Lyricist

Babu Kodamvelil
Poet, lyricist and teacher. 

Wrote over 300 songs including Christian devotional and secular songs. He was presented with the first Dr Alexander Marthoma award for best Lyrics in 2017. 

He is a native of Elanthur, Vellappara in Pathanamthitta district. Parents: K Daniel and Saramma Daniel. 

Educational Qualifications: B.A.from St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry. M.A. from Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta. B.Ed from Mahatma Gandhi University.

He was the Chairperson of the Student Christian Movement (SCM), Kerala Region, Student Secretary, Member of the Central Committee of the Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam and Editor of Yuvadeepam.
He worked with various People's movements based in Pennamma Bhavanam, the house of former governor of Nagaland and eminent theologian Dr. M. M Thomas. He was the editor of the Malayalam section of the Thiruvalla Kristhava Sahithya Samithi (CSS). He has published three books including Kanivinte Uravakal, Marubhoomiyile Vakku and Biography of KM Chacko. 

He is at present working as a teacher at Government Model Residential Higher Secondary School, Aluva. 

Wife: Gracy Philip, teacher, St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Keezhillam. Children: Jeevan K. Babu, Darshan. K. Babu

About The Composer

Santhosh George Joseph
Lyricist, music composer and music teacher. 

He has written composed around 300 songs both devotional and secular.
He has brought out music Albums Padamonnai, (Producer: Santhosh George) Poomazhayayi (Producer: Noble John) and Jeevadhara (Producer: Abraham Parangot). Many of his songs are published in the song books Padamonnai by Kristhava Sahithya Samithi and Janakeeya Ganangal by Dynamic Action.

Educational Qualification: MSc Communication Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University and MA English Literature, Kerala University .

Worked in Chattisgarh focusing on people’s theatre and organised a theatre group Lok Sanskritik Manch along with Shankar Mahanand. Worked as the Communication Secretary of Student Christian Movement of India, Bangalore, Programme Coordinator of the Thiruvalla Sanghom, Founder and Coordinator of Mediact, (Media Education for Awareness and Cultural Transformation) Thiruvananthapuram and Catalyst of kanthari International Institute of Social Entrepreneurs., Thiruvananthapuram. At present he is working as the director of Resonance School of Music, Thiruvananthapuram teaching western vocal music.

He is married to Suneela Jeyakumar who is working as an officer at Life Insurance Corporation of India, Thiruvananthapuram. He has three children Sangeeth, Ameya and Shreya.