Padamonnai Songs Digitisation Project
Padamonnai songs assume significance since the popular Christian songs today are upholding other-worldly spirituality that does not address the sllissues and challenges of the present-day realities. This trend is detrimental to the witness of the Church. As the Kerala and Indian society are becoming ever more gender-exclusivist and casteist, the conventional Christian song writers and musicians turn away from the ethical issues that shape the world around them and indulge in a theology that seeks material blessings and prosperity, and this trend would render obsolete any quest for a relevant Christian witness. Thus, we believe that it is really important to reintroduce these liberative songs, and popularise them through all means available. It is our hope and prayer that the wide dissemination of these songs will usher in a renewed quest for relevant Christian spirituality and witness, and that it would also pave way for new songs.

2000 onwards the internet became popular and online music sharing platforms became prevalent in India.  It provided a scope to disseminate and popularise songs through online platforms. New communication technologies have tremendous potential to promote ideas that can change people and communities towards a better world.

We are in the process of creating an Online Liberative Song Portal,  which will be a repository consisting of the lyrics of the song, the music in staff notation form, the audio / video of the song, a biographical note regarding the lyricist and composer of the song as well as a write up regarding the context and content of the song. The public can listen to the songs, access lyrics, staff notation and write ups from the online portal.