Let's Sing Together
Padamonnai songs had emerged as a faith response among the members of Student Christian Movement of India (Kerala) in the late 1980s and 90s.  Padamonnai song book with 100 songs was first published in 1993 and reprinted again 1997. The theological basis of these songs is the historical Jesus who is active in history, continues to be involved in the struggles for fuller life. It is not at all a craving of an individual to secure a place in heaven, but a collective surrender and submission to be part of God’s work of reconciling the world and establishing justice with peace. These songs also inspired many people to understand Christian faith differently and rethink their worldview and to explore alternative vocations in life.

Padamonnai Songs Digiitisation project titled ‘Popularising liberative songs through online portal’ is born out of the need to conserve the legacy of these songs, to popoularise Padamonnai songs in the present context and to catalyse the creation of new transformative songs. Santhosh George Joseph and Babu Kodamvelil are overseeing the implementation of the project.

During November 2018 to March 2019, 11 Padamonnai songs were digitized with the support of Navachetana, Thiruvalla. Twelve singers including Riya Johnson, Smitha Merin Thomas, Biji Saji, Juby, Jeevan K Babu, Dipin Thengumpallil, Akash Philip Mathew, Babu Kodamvelil and Santhosh George sang the songs. The present SCM members (Student Christian Movement, Kerala Region) including Sanjith Abraham Thomas, Santo Philip, Amrutha Francis, Aiswarya Appukkuttan and Rini Elsa Anien also sang songs for the project. 

The background music was composed by Babu Jose, Anil BS and Akash Philip Mathew.The audio recording was completed at Pattupetti Studio, Changannur during March 2019. The video shooting of songs was held in Changannur as well as at Thiruvalla in April 2019 by Joel Jogy and Anto Santhosh. Jeevan K Babu created 11 music videos for Padamonnai songs.
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